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Keto Diet for Beginners

In this book, will cover everything about the Ketogenic Diet including its primary purpose which is to aid weight loss by reducing carbohydrates in your food and increasing fats.
This book includes:
-What is a ketogenic diet? making it simple and clear.
-Why your body needs the keto diet.
-The keto menu for athletes.
-Keto diet and muscle building.
-The truth about your cholesterol level.
-Benefits of the ketogenic diet.
-Ingredients list for the keto diet.
-14-day meal plan program.
-More than 70 keto recipes.
-10 essential principles and practical tips for a high-fat diet.
This book was written to give you a clear insight into the Keto world and you'll find it quite easy to understand and an exciting read as well.
It's sure to change your life for the better!

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