Free Angel Bracelet

Your Angel Bracelet was crafted for you with beautiful silver alloy angel wings, intricate beadwork, and tiny bells that serve as delicate reminders that there is always someone by your side who loves you and is looking out for you.

The color chosen to string your bracelet together is a deep, vibrant red -

Because in ancient tradition, in cultures from Hinduism and Buddhism, to Christianity and Judaism the wearing of the red string is considered holy and that it can help connect the wearer with the divine...

In fact, red has always been a powerful color symbolizing the vitality of blood and protection of the life force... even in older, Pagan traditions!

That is why Red String has been combined with the Symbols on this bracelet specifically designed to harness the magic and power of the angels…

So that it may become a talisman charged with the energies of your personal Guardian Angel, to serve as a bringer of good fortune and extra protection against whatever chaos our modern world may throw your way.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States

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