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The War of Light and Darkness: Book I

Book One
Discover the universe composed of seven magical lands, each of which hides its unique charm. However, centuries ago, the transitions between them were closed, and their inhabitants gradually forgot about their neighbors. One day, Count Artis of the Kingdom of Draxban discovers the ancient mechanism that allows you to move freely between lands. Along with the boon, however, there is a threat, because some worlds have been contaminated by the presence of impure forces, which are now beginning to reveal themselves and wreak havoc. The areas remaining in isolation will soon be on the brink of war, which will determine their fate. In order to face the demons, witches and vampires from the dark Lanar, people are forced not only to make an alliance between themselves, but also to use the help of Angels. Neither of them, however, feels that war turmoil will wake up yet another, much more powerful force that has been dormant for centuries.
The action of the novel is located in seven magical worlds, I briefly allowed myself to present to you a description of each of them separately:
Action of the novel the "War of the Light and Darkness" is taking place in extensive universe, compound of seven magic lands.

These are they:

This duchy of people which the Akrawan prince is ruling is. Extensive seas, thanks to which Almegia is famous for their large fleet are surrounding them. Second by ships unusual lions which local knights are exploiting as riding horse are an identification of this land and which are immune to every magic. Also enchantresses which are basing their power on the magic of three materials live in Almegii - of wood, rock and iron.

The Draxban kingdom is inhabited by people and divided in the row of counties. Enchantresses, performing the role of minders are leaning magnates on individual manor houses. Also magic lynx live in Draxban, which seen from a distance look for observing as playing children - however this innocent image constitutes only a magic stratagem, thanks to which more than one assailant was deluded and fatally surprised, when it was already too late. Chosen ones of angels to which the fate assigned the particular role for playing come from it is of this land. However this land is being harassed with treacherous action of witches, vampires and minor demons.

Beautiful land inhabited by angels. It here one's on an island amongst the greenish ocean an Archangel is having registered office. Angels stayed in two hierarchies - of the Court and Shepherds - they are inhabiting nearby land, training in their trade and often sending to other lands in order to be on the alert above the living there population. In Inarax a hoar frost is covering the Earth what he is buying, that tops rising up here from a distance look like clouds in the sky.

Gloomy rainy land from which the most powerful wizards for which they are not only feeling respect come most dangerous of demons, but even very Archangel. However the knowledge about for her existing is being held in a deep secret, and to her only a narrow magic circle is having access. To of the ones last a clandestine sect of vampires, for which the leader is good at ancient language of wizards ranks and is able to establish contact with them. It is least get to know from all lands.

Enveloped with darkness land of demons, witches and vampires. It from here is permeating the evil to other lands, poisoning them and destroying. A constant night is ruling in this land, and the hidden sunlight is thick clouds too unnaturally. Trees and the flora are here as equally unfriendly as residents - the limbs of trees deprived of leaves, kinked are smoking and are bursting with flames. Lanar constitutes the homeland old and of the younger generation of demons, as well as smaller beings, called morwags and argous.

Land ruled by priests. Trees are here of silvery colour, whereas mountains are looking like coal and have a dark blue colour. Above fields the most beautiful fragrances of flowers are rising. However also an evil made a nest in this land full of the charm. To its hiding place it chose dark mountain caves, where the Ragrog demon settled along with his servants.

A beautiful land, full of forests and majestic mountain peaks, on which people build their mansions and castles. King Alwan rules it, and it is supported by brave knights. It is from this land that winged bears come, whose skin is so thick that no weapon pierces it, and when someone tries to cast a spell on one of them, it bounces and returns to the caster, then exerting its effect on it - positive or negative . There are also ethereal wizards in Unbia who can move, turning into a whirlwind, and traverse the land like a tornado, without causing any harm to it.

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