Free Shipping of Portable Power Generator

Battery type: Lithium, Capacity: 48000mAh 3.7V/ 178Wh.A great buy for CPAP users on short trips away from power outlets. Note: We recommend CPAP users to use DC converter(NOT included) and turn off the humidifier to get longer using time.)
3 Different Outputs: 1*110V 150W AC Outlet (Max 250W), 3*12V DC Sockets, 2*5V USB Ports. Enable to charge your different devices fast and simultaneously, working as power source to keep your portable electronics running without interruption
Perfectly charge devices like GoPro, D Ji UAV, speaker, DJ system, laptop, 12v cooler boxes, 12v blanket, vacuum cleaner. And you can easily recharge it by the solar panel(not included) from the power of sun when in outdoor
Emergency Backup: A necessary power backup for emergency like home power outages and hurricanes season. You will need it to charge your iPhone, Android, iPad, fan, lamp, light, 12v warmer, air pump and so on at that time

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