Vegan Healthy Cookbook: 81 Easy Recipes to Make Delicious Plant-Based Meals for Everyday Cooking

Are you looking to develop healthier eating habits?
Are you concerned by animal exploitation and the negative impact of farming on the environment?
Do you want to prepare healthy and delicious meals for your loved ones?
If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, then this vegan cook book will become an essential companion in your kitchen.
Many celebrities like Natalie Portman, Bill Clinton and Beyoncé tried vegan diet and all of them feel good and energetic.
This Vegan Recipes Cookbook has all the information you need to adopt this plant-based diet. Included inside are a guide to understanding the vegan diet and its benefits, as well as 81 delicious vegan recipes. Every recipe includes an image of the final product, simple directions, serving suggestions, and nutrient information for the health-conscious cook. Even beginners can easy prepare a tasty vegan meal.
This guide features 16 amazing breakfast recipes such as
- Vegan Apple Carrot Muffins
- Vegan Corn Bread
- Vegan Chickpea Omelette
- Peachy Mango Bowl
- Squash Breakfast Bowl
- There are 28 main course recipes including
- Vegan Black and White Bean Soup
- Vegan Goulash
- Wild Rice with Chickpeas
- Cashew Spaghetti with Asparagus
- Vegan White Pizza
- Creamy Tomato Soup
- Sweet Potatoes Stew
- Stuffed Mushrooms with Sweet Potatoes Chips
- Quick Black Beans and Rice
Also you can find 16 great side dishes, tasty snacks and desserts that you will love. Cooks will also find a few simple air fryer and instant pot vegan recipies inside. With the vegan movement growing, there is increasing demand for new plant-based meal ideas. If you are having a social gathering with your friends or family, chances are there will be one or more people who don't use meat products. This guide will aid you in preparing simple healthy easy quick meals that everyone at your event can enjoy, regardless of their diet.
Vegan meals are full of essential minerals and generally constitute of fewer calories than meals featuring animal products. Following this diet can aid in safe weight loss and maintenance of healthy body weight, which is a great benefit for athletes. Another added benefit of following this plant-based diet is the positive effect it has on your skin.
If you'd like to reap the benefits of healthy vegan eating, grab a copy of this Vegan Recipe Cookbook and start your journey to a longer and healthier lifestyle today!

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