$250 for Your Halloween Tricks & Treats


Traditionally celebrated on the 31st of October, the skeleton, witch and pumpkin decorations tend to emerge in early October, making one of the most popular holidays last all month. While kids and adults love the excuse to dress up, dentists and dieters everywhere dread the upcoming onslaught of candy, chocolate and chips.

Of the $7.4 billion dollars Americans are expected to shell out on Halloween, $2.8 billion will be on costumes. Homemade costumes are a great way to save on Halloween spending. With just one item like a wig or a plastic sword and the help of some of your existing wardrobe and creative makeup, you can create a recognizable costume without the help of a sewing machine. Although the Halloween stores are packed closer to the date, that's also when the sales begin. If you can stand the chaos, the week before Halloween is when you can start to get discounts as retailers scramble to sell off their inventory.

You could get $250 in tricks and treats when you share your Halloween tactics with Holiday Shopping Rewards. Participate through the link below to receive a gift card to the Halloween or party store of your choice.

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