Free Chicken Tonight Cookbook & $1,000 Giveaway


Making satisfying, nutritionally-balanced meals for you and your family is a big challenge that can add a lot of stress to an already busy workweek. You deserve to have a night off and order pizza or Chinese food, but for the rest of the week, you can make it easier on yourself and save money by planning fast, nutritious meals for each night in advance.

Beat the 9-5 blues and save your family from dinner doldrums with delicious chicken recipes from Divine Eats. Chicken is a favored protein because it's widely available, has many affordable cuts, and has low-fat, lean cuts for calorie counters. Chicken Tonight contains 20 simple, chicken-based recipes that can be made in 20 minutes.

Planning your meals in advance will save you money, as you can make a grocery list and stick to it. By avoiding processed foods, you'll avoid paying for brand name foods and assure that your family's diet is healthier and cleaner. Get your free Chicken Tonight recipe book from Divine Eats, where "free never tasted so good." As an added bonus, downloading your free recipes will gain you automatic entry into a draw for $1,000.

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