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Cover Story takes middle school students on a guided tour through the universe of Story. Through the process of creating the content for their own magazine in a single school year, students are led, step by step, on a fun, thought-provoking journey of exploration and creation.

They write poems, short stories, nonfiction articles, letters, and many other short pieces. They also learn to notice and record their thoughts and ideas by following the creative structure of The Remarkable Journal of Professor Gunther Von Steuben. Along the way, they study not just a story's form, but its execution.

Your student will write

- Poetry
- Letters
- Short Stories
- Creative Nonfiction Articles
- Blog Posts
- And Much More

It's worth 1 English credit. Step-by-step and easy-to-follow. Request your free demo DVD today. It features sample lessons and details about how the curriculum works.

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