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The Olympics have been thrilling spectators since the days of ancient Greece and inspiring the world since their resurgence in the late 19th century. Revived in the interest of promoting physical education, the International Olympic Committee was founded in 1894.

Olympic athletes are just regular people with an exceptional will to succeed and natural talent. They hold regular jobs and depend on upon family and friends for additional support as they train intensely in the hopes of winning a medal. Many professional athletes in sports such as rowing,swimming, and javelin live on or below the poverty line. The Olympic Committee doesn't pay anyone for their participation in the games and athletes rely on their countries for the monetary support required for leave from work, transportation, meals, and accommodations. Some countries richly reward those who medal with cash prizes and the most rewarding financial compensation comes from being a brand ambassador or writing a successful book.

Hosts of the Olympic games cover the costs of the necessary infrastructure of the event, which can reach as high as $22 billion. The perks of hosting include increased tourism, upgrades that will make a permanent positive impact on the city, and improved international perception of the city.

Broadcasting networks benefit greatly from televising the game. They often pay for exclusive broadcasting rights and, in return, advertisers pay big bucks to reach millions of viewers, many of whom are in hard-to-reach demographics. The Olympic Committee itself runs on sponsorships from top companies like Nike, McDonald's, Procter & Gamble, Allstate, Anheuser-Busch, and VISA.

Other than from the stands in Rio, on a big screen TV is the best way to experience the excitement of the Olympic Games. Take the Rio 2016 Olympic survey and help brands like Samsung identify which events and personalities drive viewership and increase the prestige of the games. Collect 100 points on the National Reward Survey website to get a high definition television from Samsung.

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