Popsicle/Ice Cream Mold Maker $2.94 Shipped

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GearBest is a website that carries a huge assortment of items ranging from kitchenware to cool gadgets and everything in between. They offer these items at bargain prices and offer free shipping worldwide. I ordered this Popsicle/Ice Cream Mold Maker for only $2.94 with free shipping. My kids had been asking me to get them one for awhile and this was a really great price. Plus, with the summer being so hot, I knew it was the perfect time to grab one of these to make unlimited, cold treats. My order shipped from China to the United States in only 3 weeks. It made really good timing.

When I initially saw the packaging, I thought that it was really cool -- like receiving a souvenir from China.

My son choose the mold with green sticks since green is his favorite color. They also carry orange sticks. It came with 6 molds. I have 3 kids so each kiddo can have 2 ice pops every time I make these.

My kids have to have their own "flavor" of beverage and Kool-Aid was no exception. I didn't want to make 3 different pitchers of Kool-Aid and I noticed these Guzzler's right beside the Kool-Aid on sale for 60 cent each. I let them each choose their own flavor. These were really convenient and not messy at all since I was able to squirt the liquid straight in the molds. This beverage is just like Kool-Aid.

As soon as I filled the molds to the top line, I simply stick the sticks in then put them in the freezer for 2 hours. That's it!

My kids loved these! Since making my kids' first batch, I've let them make their own batch. It was really easy for them too. You can use basically any beverage you want that you have on hand to make various flavors of ice pops. You could try juice for a healthier alternative, for example. You really can make unlimited treats with this mold for way cheaper than buying the store made ice pops.

GearBest currently has this for only $2.94 and free shipping. If you want one of these, follow the link to get yours while stock lasts.

Get Yours Here