Practical Banana Slicer $1.76 Shipped

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I found out about GearBest last month. They offer really low prices and free shipping worldwide. I picked out a few items and I've been really impressed. I ordered their Practical Banana Slicer/Cutter and received it from China to the United States in only 3 weeks. They ship really fast and even provide a picture of your box when it's packaged and ready to go via email. I've never heard of another company doing this. They are very customer-focused.

This item was super easy to use! All I did was lay the banana flat and then push the cutter top side up through it. That was it!

Clean up was a breeze! I just took it straight to the sink and it rinsed and washed easily. Nothing stuck in the holes. This really is a practical and easy to use item for the kitchen.

My kids love banana sandwiches so I'll continue to use it for that purpose as well as chopping up bananas for my guinea pigs. My guinea pig, Cupcake, really enjoyed his slices (see below)! I like how I achieved the same thickness in each slice in seconds. It would be great to use when preparing something like banana pudding for the holidays as well.

If you'd like to order one, GearBest currently has these priced at $1.76 with free shipping. Just follow the link to get yours.

Get Yours Here