Fake Dummy Surveillance Security Camera $6.99 Shipped

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I was recently introduced to GearBest and I love their exceptionally low prices and free shipping worldwide! Every since someone stole our lawnmower gas off the front porch, my husband and I had been talking about how great it would be to have a security camera but how expensive they are. We then begin talking about getting a fake security camera instead which would be much more budget-friendly but should still do the trick. I searched for fake security cameras on the GearBest website and was pleasantly surprised to find this one for only $6.99 plus free shipping. You just can't beat that price! It arrived to me in approximately 3 weeks from China to the United States.

I've gotta say that this is my favorite item I've ordered from GearBest and I recommend you get one while stock lasts! It looks very real and is sure to fool a thief or anyone else who decides it would be fun to mess around on your property. The fake wire attached to the camera makes it look like it is really wired to your house! I absolutely love that it came with not only the camera but a very real looking security sticker to stick on your door or window.

It was extremely easy to install. You need to drill it on. My husband did this and it only took him 5 minutes to get it mounted.

The sticker arrived a little crumbly looking but I knew that since it was stretchy decal material that didn't matter. And it didn't. Please see my picture where it's adhered to our front door and looks nice and smooth.

I love that this has a flashing red light. It runs off of 2 AAA batteries. It makes it look so authentic. You cannot switch the light on and off but it's LED so it doesn't drain the batteries which is an added bonus.

I love this whole package. I love how you not only get the camera with the blinking action and wire but also get a sticker just like if you were subscribing to an expensive security service. It's so easy to set up and the price is unsurpassable!

Get Yours Here