Pokémon Go In-Game Freebies from Lifescript


The Pokémon Go fad has smartphone users young and old trying to catch 'em all. Not only does the app have users exploring new territory right where they live and venturing off the beaten path to catch Pokémon that are lurking nearby, but it's also getting players more active. One player who weighs nearly 500 pounds even received an in-game medal for walking over six miles.

Lifescript Advantage is a program designed to promote healthy living for women. Membership is free and comes with exclusive privileges like free samples, coupons, and tips for a top notch lifestyle. In addition to providing members with health and fitness samples from top brands and a chance for great savings, they're now encouraging your Pokémon Go play with in-game freebies.

There are a few things you can do to augment your gameplay and have more fun without buying anything from the app. First of all, only catch each Pokémon once and trade any duplicates to build a more powerful team. Help your eggs hatch faster by keeping the app running even when you're not playing. The gym is the only place you can collect free PokéCoins to incubate eggs faster and buy Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, and Bag Upgrades.

Get the tools you need to #CollectEmAll with in-game freebies from Lifescript. Register now to get more exercise with Pokémon Go freebies.

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