Batman iPhone Case $1.29 - $2.41 - FREE Shipping


It looks like gearbest is legit. I received an order and it showed up in 14 days with free regular shipping. They shipped it out the day after I ordered it, they even sent a picture of the package as it was being sent out.

The case is exactly as it appeared on their website. I went with the iPhone 6 case for $2.41 (shipping included). iPhone 5 and 4 cases are even cheaper. I wasn't expecting much considering how low the price was, but it was even better than expected. The case has holes for the speaker, camera, ringer/vibrate switch, charger port, and headphone jack. It only lacks holes for the volume and on/off buttons, but you can still press them through the silicon case, it's a non-issue. There's no problem plugging in a charger like sometimes happens with other cases. The silicon also appears to offer a high level of protection, it feels like it has a lot of cushion to prevent damage from a fall.

Not only is this case functional, it looks awesome. The first day I used it I received 7 compliments, who doesn't like that? As a Batman fan this is now my favorite case.

Be warned about clicking this link, you may spend longer on the site than you may think, they have a LOT of cool stuff for VERY low prices.

Search for "batman" on their website and you will be presented with the case and a whole lot more super cool batman items at prices that seem too good to be true (but it is true) with free shipping.