Workout Choices Fitbit Giveaway


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 35.9% of Americans age 20 years and over are obese, and another 33.3% of adults age 20 years and older are overweight. While many people who are feeling run-down and struggling with shedding stubborn weight turn to short-term solutions like caffeine, pills, or crash diets, others turn to a proven diet plan paired with regular exercise.

A $25 billion industry as of 2012, the fitness industry depends on your New Year's resolutions, beach body diets, and lifestyle rehauls to remain profitable. With fitness club members totalling 51.4 million in 2011, gyms compete for sign ups with newer equipment, more luxurious facilities, lower dues, and hipper classes. Specialized programs such as Soul Cycle, Bikram yoga, Zumba, and kettlebell draw in attendees seeking a workout that is more fun, more inspirational, and more effective at targeting the areas they'd like to improve. CrossFit pushes participants to their limits in a group setting for an addictive adrenaline rush and fast results. A personal trainer works with their client's needs, pushing them if that's what motivates them or being more supportive and encouraging. They also help them craft a nutritional plan and keep them accountable for sticking to it.

108 million people typically make 4-5 attempts to lose weight in just one year. Weigh in on how you like to work out and you could win a gift card for your efforts. Give your opinion on the most effective approach to fitness and you'll be entered to receive a $100 FitBit gift card.

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