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- 10pcs Lord of The Rings Guitar Picks
- 10pcs Naruto Sasuke Anime Guitar Picks
- 7pcs Game of Thrones Inspired 3D Dragon Wall Stickers
- Attack on Titan Wings of Liberty Pendant Necklace
- Deadpool Mr Pool Pendant Keychain
- Game of Thrones 7 Kingdoms Charm Bracelet
- Game of Thrones Decorative Pillow Case Cushion Cover
- Game of Thrones Dragon Egg Pendant Necklace
- Game of Thrones Hand of the King Pin Brooch
- Harry Potter Quidditch Flying Golden Snitch Necklace
- Infinity Love The Walking Dead Bow Charm Bracelet
- Naruto Anime Glass Pendant Necklace
- Naruto Anime Konoha Pendant Necklace
- Spiderman in Action Pendant Necklace
- Spiderman Mask Pendant Necklace
- Star Wars I Love You I Know Lover's Couple Necklace
- Star Wars Master Yoda Mask Pendant Necklace
- The Walking Dead Crossbow Necklace
- The Walking Dead Decorative Pillow Case Cushion Cover
- The Walking Dead Inspired Charm Necklace
- The Walking Dead Movie Inspired Charm Bracelet
- The Witcher III Wild Hunt Wolf Medallion Chain Necklace
- Thor Hammer Mjolnir Figure Keychain
- Vampire Diaries Damon/Stefan Salvatore Sun Family Crest Ring
- World of Tanks WOT Bullet Key Ring Keychain
- World of Tanks WOT Metal Tank Key Ring Keychain
- World of Warcraft Orcish Horde Tribe Keychain
- World of Warcraft WoW Hearthstone Charm Bracelet
- World of Warcraft WoW Horde Necklace
- Game of Thrones Song Of Ice And Fire Charm Bracelet
- Thor Hammer Mjolnir Pendant Keychain

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Keep in mind free items on their website changes often so every item listed above may not be available but you may find other items not listed above as well.