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Apple continues to drive sales of their electronics and accessories by releasing new models of current products with minor tweaks and needed improvements. They also encourage the sale of new items by continuing to update their operating system and gradually phasing out which older models can support it. For example, the new iOS 10 will only run on an iPhone 5, iPad 2, or newer models than those.

The iPhone 5 changed the game with fingerprint technology that allows the user to unlock their phone with their thumbprint, increasing convenience of use without sacrificing security. The iPhone 6 was a reaction to the popularity of larger phones or "phablets," which acknowledge the fact that the iPhone is less for making calls and more for doing absolutely everything else.

Apple will continue this tradition of big physical and software changes this fall with the release of the iPhone 7. Expected to be available in 4.7 and 5.5 versions like the iPhone 6, they'll also be working to make it even thinner than the last model, have a longer battery life, and sport a higher screen resolution. It's also rumored that a third size will be released with this new model. The most exciting rumors are about an edge-to-edge screen, the removal of the headphone jack, waterproofing, and wireless charging.

The beauty of Apple products is in their inherent usability, making an iPad or iPhone a desirable gift for people of every age and demographic. Collect points on the National Consumer Center website and qualify for a new iPhone 7 SE.

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  • By: Domonique M Johnson

    Did every step, to get 100 point to unlock reward. After I did the last step, only thing that happy was money got took and never recieved email saying anything about getting the cell phone. I did the Gamefly, and that was a platimun offer.