New Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


The smartphone market is highly lucrative, highly competitive, and is constantly changing. What may have been the hottest new phone three years ago can suddenly become antiquated next to newer models. With the release of the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge, Samsung is showing that they can compete with the giants at Apple and increase profitability in the shrinking smartphone market.

Before the release of the iPhone 6, companies like Samsung had cleverly carved out a niche in the smartphone market with larger-screened devices that are somewhere between a phone and a tablet. Now consumers who were once looking for a lighter, thinner gadget are trading in their smaller models for phablets. Many users also prefer Android phones as they allow users to set their own home screen and choose the size and organization of their icons.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is slightly bigger than the Galaxy S7, slightly heavier, and 2mm thinner. Designed with gorgeous curves for a pleasurable visual and sensory experience, it has a bright, vivid display with 534 pixel density. The device has been improved inside, as well, running faster than ever with its in-house Exynos processor. Octa-core 820 quad-core CPU and 4GB of RAM makes it one of the fastest phones on the market. The model has sensitive touch sense technology and focuses on the features average customers use most like wireless charging that's built in for seamless convenience and a wide-angle rear camera for more panoramic selfies.

Choose the customizable Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge for your phone, entertainment, and connectivity needs. You could upgrade from your current phone to a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with participation in the National Consumer Center points program.

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