$250 Nike Just Do It Gift Card


From the Air Jordan to the NikeID line, Nike sets trends and has one of the strongest brands in sportswear. Always edgy and on the move, they own the iconic "swish" trademark. Partnerships with top athletes including Kobe Bryant have prompted Nike to modify their shoes for the world's most demanding athletes. In the case of Kobe, Nike continues to make their shoes more lightweight and more supportive of the heel by adding a higher sockliner that better cradles the foot. This doesn't mean that Nike is sacrificing style for function; Kobe's latest shoes still ride low the way a basketball shoe should and have a textured, snake-like shell.

In 2015, Nike launched the #betterforit campaign, encouraging women to share their aspirations and get inspired through the honesty and humor of other women who work out. They're a social media powerhouse with 14 million Instagram followers and just under 22,000,000 Facebook "Likes." Their main Twitter account has 4.78 million followers, with different accounts allocated to news about their mobile fitness apps, individual sports, and for different countries. Combining artful photos, motivational statements, and content from the teams they sponsor, Nike provides a highly polished, personal experience for their customers and a place for their brand in the minds of those who are following but not buying.

Nike's marketing has gone far beyond the "Just Do It" slogan and has reserved a solid foothold in the market for almost any sport. Let Nike help you reach your goals with a $250 gift card. Get your sports apparel and accessories with participation on the Public Survey Panel website.

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