Free Ampad Versa Notebook


TOPS Products believes life is easier with a little innovation. Their powerful line of brand name office products - Pendaflex, Oxford, Cardinal, Ampad, Adams, Boorum & Pease and TOPS - delivers the quality products consumers expect. From 11" x 17" storage for oversized papers to simple-to-use interactive legal forms, they love providing consumers with inventive office products designed for convenience. They are also incredibly proud of their Arthritis Foundation Ease-of-Use Certified Premier Easy Open and Spine Vue Binders.

TOPS Products supports small businesses and entrepreneurs with a wide array of pre-printed business and tax forms, interactive legal forms and small business software. Reviewed and approved by lawyers, accountants and industry experts, these products help your DIY efforts.

Take the TOPS Products Brand Survey to receive a free Ampad Versa Notebook. In this brief 10-15 minute survey, they are interested in what you think and feel about a wide variety of brands. They will ask you to rate brands in different ways. Although some questions may seem similar, they are all different (if only very slightly). Read the instructions for each question carefully and keep the question in mind while providing your answer. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. They are only interested in your opinion.

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