$1 off Organic Valley Eggs + DIY Egg Dye


Organic Valley's philosophy and decisions are based on the health and welfare of people, animals and the earth. In today's world, in order to make a difference, companies need to think differently.

Since their first seven farmers started working together in 1988, they've been doing just that. Here's how:

- They are a cooperative of family farmer-owners
- They are mission-driven
- They are leaders in organic

Many people think all brown eggs are organic, but egg color is determined by the breed of chicken. The Organic Valley family of farmers feed their chickens certified organic grains in addition to chlorophyll-rich plants and alfalfa, contributing to deep yellow yolks. Free to range outdoors, their hens are happy to spread their wings and forage for bugs. Save $1 on one (1) dozen Organic Valley Eggs. Follow the link to print your coupon today. Then learn how to make your own natural Easter egg dyes from beets (pink), turmeric or boiled onion skins (yellow), and boiled red cabbage leaves (blue) here:


In case you're wondering...yes, you can dye brown eggs. Natural dyes work beautifully with organic brown eggs, creating rich, muted colors.

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