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Archaeological evidence shows that dogs may have been domesticated over 30,000 years before the common era. When hunting was a main source of sustenance, having a hunting companion and retriever would have been very helpful. Dogs could also have served as protectors against enemies or thieves. Later archaeological evidence shows a human attachment to animals, with skeletons dating back to 10,000 BC discovered cradling their pets. A woman was buried with her cat in 7,500 BC but it's the Egyptian reverence for cats as protectors and even gods that most permeates their historical significance.

Over the next thousands of years, having a dog, cat, or bird would be common, especially as demonstrated in artistic representations. Animal lovers would rally for their rights, dogs would fight with American forces overseas, cats would merit tombstones, and the spaying and neutering of pets would be widely accepted as a kind and conscientious practice.

Treating your pet right starts at home, but often ends up at a pet store or the veterinarian's office. Owners of healthy cats and dogs can expect to spend over $1,000 a year on items such as food, cat litter, disposable bags, and accessories. There can also be grooming and veterinary costs.

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