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Grind to a Halt, Inc. has been in business since 2002, and is a spin-off company of their precision machining business. Contacted by a local church and college to make skateboard deterrents for their properties, they put their machining expertise to work. They researched ideas, then fabricated a decorative and highly functional solution they now call "GrinderMinders". To their delight, Grinderminders gained in popularity amongst the developer, landscaping and architectural communities. Requests for more and new styles encouraged them make the leap to developing Grind To A Halt, Inc.

After their initial product was developed, they continued to find unique solutions for a largely unexplored market. Research continued for designs for skateboard and bike deterrents revealing that competitive products lacked in aesthetics and style, and were easily removed by vandals. Property owners were eager to find attractive, durable deterrents. Architects, landscape architects, designers, contractors and property owners were interested in preserving and protecting their work from skateboard and bike damage without compromising their designs. GrinderMinders fulfilled all of these needs, and have been gaining the attention of industry professionals.

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