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Arkansans for Equality (AFE) is an organization supporting equality for all Arkansans. Their mission is to repeal any legislation codifying discrimination in the state of Arkansas. Arkansans for Equality is a bipartisan organization. Founded in 2012 they have one simple goal: to protect the civil rights of Arkansans. They believe all individuals, regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity should be treated equally under the law and in every environment.

They are offering free window stickers to business owners that oppose SB202 or HB1228, as well as "Straight People Only" window stickers for the bill's supporters. To obtain stickers, visit their website and indicate which type of sticker you would like. They are willing to make reasonable design changes to them at request.

Governor Asa Hutchinson has announced his intention to allow SB202 to become law, and the provisions of the law include forbidding anti-discriminiation ordinances at the city level. SB202 is a controversial bill, and it is the opinion of AFE that SB202 allows and encourages discrimination, not only to LGBTQ communities, but to veterans, the elderly, and anyone that doesn't already have protections.

Cathey Shoshone, cochair of Arkansans for Equality, has created stickers for businesses that wish to allow consumers to know where they are shopping. Shoshone says, "We certainly do not want to give our money to businesses that would discriminate against our loved ones. These are our family members, our close friends, our neighbors, and tax paying citizens that are being discriminated against. They are Arkansans and deserve equal treatment and protections. I stand by them as an ally." A limited amount of stickers will be provided free of charge.

In the interest of equal time, Arkansans for Equality would also like to provide "Straight People Only" stickers to business owners that want them. AFE would also like to extend the offer to Jerry Cox and the Arkansas Family Council. Shoshone says "We want business owners to be able to communicate their preferences, and we want consumers to know where they're shopping."

This offer is only valid for residents of:

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