DIY Dog Lover's Gift Tags Template


Modern Dog: giving you something to bark about!

Cherished family member, best friend, pampered pooch, canine kid… Modern Dog magazine celebrates all the contemporary canines out there--regardless of pedigree.

The glossy quarterly features the very latest and greatest of what's new in the dog world: canine news and reviews; must-have new products, toys and accessories; training tips and recipes; heart-warming stories; rescue tales; dog-lore; canine-inclusive home entertaining tips; breed profiles and dog-friendly travel features; dog art; fun activities for better bonding with your dog; exclusive interviews with stars and their pets; health, grooming and behavioural tips; and more. With dog psychology articles alongside indispensible advice, inspirational stories, and great photos guaranteed to make you smile, Modern Dog is an essential read for any dog lover.

A large part of Modern Dog's mission is to support the efforts of organizations that work tirelessly to assist abused, neglected or homeless dogs. Their donation programs, charitable events and cash gifts allow them to give back to the dog community. Your subscription helps them support these programs.

Adding a special personalized touch to your gifts just got easier. Just think of Modern Dog as Santa's little helper. All you need to do is download the template, print it out and cut out the gift tags.


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