Free Engagement Ring & Nudge from Ring Cam


Ring Cam started as a senior design project at Hope College. There's a tradition at Hope called "ring by spring" where gentlemen are expected to propose to their ladies by the spring semester of their senior year. Ring Cam devised a unique way to remember and share the couples' happy moment: make a clean stylish ring box with a hidden camera in the lid of the box. Ever since, Ring Cams have been capturing couples' engagements.

How It Works:

1. Choose from a variety of packages to relive your moment.
2. After reviewing the instructions and practicing, record the big moment.
3. Once you have proposed, make sure to save the video.
4. Put the Ring Cam in the return envelope and leave it in your mailbox.

Ring Cam will "just happen" to send your friend a card with an engagement ring telling them that they no longer have an excuse to not get engaged! They will also tell them that Ring Cam's innovated ring box is pretty cool. This is completely anonymous and your name will not be on there! Sign up today.

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