Martha Stewart Pumpkin Carving Templates


Martha Stewart Living is about the handmade, the homemade, the artful, the innovative, the practical and the beautiful. It is not just about lifestyle, but about tools for modern living -- not just about the how-to but about the why-to.

Ten years ago, Martha Stewart made cooking a primary focus of her bold new magazine, Martha Stewart Living. Over the decade, each issue has been a treasure of culinary information and inspiration, bringing the pleasures of cooking and entertaining--in impeccable style--to millions of devoted readers, from novice cooks to professional caterers.

Tired of the same old jack-o'-lantern? Try the pumpkin-carving patterns located on the Martha Stewart website for a new twist on your Halloween gourd. The old triangle-eyed pumpkin has its charm, but for a jack-o'-lantern unlike any other on the block, try the mix-and-match templates.


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