Apple iPad Pro


Apple strives towards perfection with every new model, but when you've come as close to achieving the ideal as the iPad Air 2, it's time to start going in a different direction. Apple's new iPad Pro isn't designed to be a lightweight companion for watching videos, browsing the web, or staying in touch with friends. The new iPad Pro gives you nearly twice the CPU performance of the iPad Air 2 so that you can pen, edit, and produce at a professional level.

Work you could previously only accomplish on a laptop can now be completed on the iPad Pro thanks to faster processing, feature-rich software designed just for the iOS 9, and cutting-edge hardware. Hear every nuance with four high-fidelity speakers and technology that adjusts its output based on how you're holding it. Use the Apple Pencil to create graphics by hand that mimic the nuances of a real brush and quickly edit texts with swipes of your editor's pen. Secure and intuitive at every turn, the iPad Pro is perfect for business, allowing you to manage the books, create rich presentations, and coordinate completely on the go. When you're ready to express yourself in words, the iPad Pro has a new Smart Keyboard that makes typing a breeze.

This electronic promotion from the National Consumer Center awards the new iPad Pro to members who collect 100 points. Participate through the link below and complete a short survey to qualify for the new Apple iPad Pro.

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