Apple iPad Air 2 In Any Color


Lighter, thinner, and faster than the iPad Air, the Apple iPad Air 2 can now be yours. Sign up now and start racking up points towards getting Apple's hottest gadget sent to your door.

Like the iPad on a diet, the iPad Air 2 only 6.1 millimeters thin, comparable to a pencil and even thinner than the iPhone 6. It's just a touch lighter than the iPad Air at 0.96 pounds, but compared to the iPad 2, it's almost 50% lighter. Like the iPhone 6, it's equipped with handy Touch ID, a feature that makes unlocking your device or making purchases faster and easier than before. Apple hasn't improved the screen resolution or modified the screen size, but they have sped up performance with a new A8X processor and an added GB of RAM. A new anti-reflective display that's fully laminated means that it's an excellent eReader you can enjoy outside wherever your travels may take you. Enjoy the latest in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, and for those who crave a new aesthetic, there's also the option for a gold finish.

Apple strives towards perfection with every new model, but for the iPad Air 2, there wasn't a lot to improve upon. Get the absolute best tablet from Apple with participation on the Top Online Rewards website.

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