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Good Ground Press publishes gospel-centered Catholic resources to draw people in to reflecting together, opening their faith lives to nourish one another, and sustaining one another in their commitments to the gospel work of mercy and justice.

In 1988, two Sisters of St. Joseph, Joan Mitchell, CSJ, and Therese Sherlock, CSJ, founded Good Ground Press, a name that reflects their catechetical mission to sow the gospels in the good ground of people's lives today. In Mark 4 Jesus tells a parable about a farmer who sows seed on four kinds of ground--a path hardened by walking, a thistle-infested patch, rocky soil where the seeds can't root, and on good ground. The parable identifies the seed with the Word of God and promises the seed that falls on good ground will bear a hundredfold. Their religious education resources are gospel-centered.

Their catechetical methods reflect their spirituality. From their beginnings nearly 370 years ago, Sisters of St. Joseph have gathered in groups for "sharing of the heart." In these groups sisters talk together about their experience--the needs they see, their worries and hopes, about the proddings of the Spirit in their lives. Today they might call sharing of the heart by such names as faith sharing or transformative conversation. In their resources they hand on their spiritual practice of nourishing one another through reflecting, praying, and taking action together.

Request a free printed 12"x18" Welcome, Pope Francis Poster at their website. You can also sign up to receive samples of Sunday by Sunday - Gospel reflection for adults.

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