$1,000 for Diapers - Huggies or Pampers


Whether you use cloth nappies or prefer disposables, you're still spending a small fortune on keeping your baby clean and comfortable. The National Survey Panel can help you get all the diapers you need when you participate on their website and get a $1,000 check.

It was the 1950s when one grandfather grew frustrated with washing his grandchildren's dirty diapers and wondered if there wasn't a way to make caring for babies more convenient. Since Proctor & Gamble owns the rights to any product invented by an employee during the course of their contract, the patent on disposable diapers belonged to them, making Pampers the first to hit the market. The original design required safety pins, but in the 1970s they added the tape feature, making diapering safer and easier than ever. Over the coming years, Pampers would continue to improve diapers for better fit, better mobility, better dryness and better value. The made the first thin diaper made with absorbent gelling material, elastic leg gathers, tabs that could be refastened, a softer liner, Ultra Dry Thin cores and stretch panels.

Huggies diapers weren't the first disposables to hit the market, as they emerged eighteen years after their competitor and predecessor, Pampers. However, they were the first to produce an hourglass shape and elastic for increased comfort, ease of dressing, and lasting hold. From newborns to toddlers, Huggies has your baby covered - literally. Pop on Little Swimmers Huggies for baby swimming classes, and have a successful potty training stage with Pull-Ups.

Share your brand preference on the National Survey Panel website. Your participation in this survey and other special offers will make you eligible for $1,000 in cash.

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