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Serum of Life 30ml Trial Sample (S&H)

Even if you've taken exceptional care of your skin for years, your natural stores of skin-plumping proteins like collagen and elastin deplete with age. Damage from wind and sun also plays a role in their depletion, releasing free radicals that destroy cells' ability to repair and renew. Now Apex Vitality has created a new formula that works to make skin look younger instantly and delves below the surface to encourage the growth of new cells for younger skin every day.

Apex Vitality's Serum of Life stimulates new cell growth with powerful antioxidant ingredients found in nature. Shea butter helps skin rebuild its natural moisture barrier, making cells firmer for a smoother, wrinkle-free surface. Wheat germ oil soothes skin to even skin tone and infuse skin with essential vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential fatty acids which strengthen skin and improve its elasticity.

Serum of Life instantly firms skin and erases wrinkles, making skin look 2-5 years younger even after the first use. Reduce fine lines and crows' feet while recharging your skin's natural healing abilities with every use. Receive your free trial supply for only the cost of shipping and 2 weeks to decide if you'd like to continue receiving monthly shipments of Serum of Life or cancel and pay nothing further. Order your free trial of Serum of Life today and take years off your face instantly.

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  • United States

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