Free Rewards at MySurvey


At MySurvey, you and your friends can get rewarded for joining, taking surveys, and referring more friends. Spend five minutes signing up and start earning points whenever it's convenient for you.

Large companies, organizations, and governments spend millions to billions of dollars annually on research, gathering statistical data that will help them better understand the wants and needs of the population. As a member of the MySurvey community, you can let these companies know more about the role they play in your life and get rewarded for sharing your opinion. Your input could help spur innovation and development as well as the creation of new products and services.

To earn points at MySurvey, you can take surveys, participate in the MySurvey community, or refer more members to join. In 2014 alone, MySurvey rewarded members with over $32 million in PayPal payments, Amazon vouchers, as well as gift cards for Applebee's, Macy's, and CVS.

MySurvey is a division of Lightspeed GMI and GMI, who are both owned by one of the world's largest communications groups, WPP. Choose the survey site that gives the most to their members and gets your voice heard; sign up to MySurvey today.

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  • Canada


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