Free Custom Photo Magnet from York Photo (S&H)


Millions of customers trust York Photo with their treasured memories, as they have for decades. Since embracing digital photography and online commerce, York Photo has applied their expertise and dedication to customer service to creating a variety of high quality printed items and photo prints.

On the York Photo website, you'll find over 100 products that you can make from your photos as well as beautiful design templates to augment the appearance of your photos. They offer secure and unlimited photo storage and sharing as well as enhancement tools with borders, cropping, and more. Once you've remedied your red eye or given your photo a cool sienna tone, you'll be able to design your own fleece blankets, pillows, aprons, clocks and plates as well as traditional printed gifts like mugs, t-shirts, and calendars.

York Photo guarantees customer satisfaction, low prices, and money saving deals every week. Produce high quality photo prints at unbeatable prices with superior quality and fast delivery right to your door.

What better way to display your family newsletters, cards, and photo prints than on your refrigerator. At York Photo, you can make a magnet out of your photo and then add their text and clip art. Select a theme to augment your photo or leave your design simply bare. Display your kid's works of art and report cards, keep your coupons on hand, and add to your grocery list with a free custom photo magnet from York Photo.

Apply coupon code ALBUM2 to get a York Photo customized magnet for free plus standard shipping starting at $3.99.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • Canada
  • United States


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