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The only way technology can improve is by constantly improving upon current software and hardware, making it faster, easier, and more intuitive to use. When you join Smart Panel, you're helping to change the future of the Internet by sharing your online experience with companies who will use that information to improve their products and services.

In order to amass information for tech companies, marketing firms, and software manufacturers, Smart Panel has created an app to track how people use the Internet called Verta Analytics. By simply installing and running the app on your smartphone, laptop, or PC, you can influence the future of services and technology. Through observing what times of day your browse, how long you stay on websites, which apps you use and how often you use them, big decisions will be made about which directions companies' research and development teams, marketing teams, and advertising teams will take next.

Smart Panel pays members for sharing their data while guaranteeing privacy and anonymity. If you qualify, install the Smart App to your devices, and keep it installed for at least two weeks, you'll get $15. After that, for every month that you keep the Smart App installed, you'll get another $5, plus a loyalty bonus every 3 months. As an active Smart Panel member, you can make a difference and at the same time earn $110 in 12 months, $170 in 18 months, and $230 in 24 months, just for simply using your devices like you do every day. Make some extra cash this year while making a difference with Smart Panel.

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