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Free Auntie Anne's Pretzel

The secrets to successful pretzel preparation: Skill, timing, and a whole lotta TLC. Also, practice, practice, and a little more practice. Hey, practice makes pretzels perfect.

It all starts with the dough. At Auntie Anne's, they mix up their dough on-site -- in fact, they go through a lot of pretzel dough on a daily basis. Once they've mixed their dough to a perfect consistency, it's time to cut, hand-roll, and twist. Auntie Anne's pretzel-makers begin with a strip of dough. They stretch the strip and hand-roll it into a long rope formation.

Then they do the twist. Seasoned pretzel-makers can twist a pretzel into the perfect shape with a lasso-like motion. And once their pretzels have assumed the correct shape, they prepare them for baking.

Once they place their pretzels into the oven, you're a few short minutes away from realizing pretzel perfection -- fresh, hot, golden-brown soft pretzels.

Download their free mobile app by April 26th to receive your National Pretzel Day Reward--a free pretzel.

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