New Samsung S5 Smartphone


Before the release of the iPhone 6, companies like Samsung had cleverly carved out a niche in the smartphone market with larger-screened devices that are somewhere between a phone and a tablet. Now consumers who were once looking for a lighter, thinner gadget are trading in their smaller models for phablets. Many users also prefer Android phones as they allow users to set their own homescreen and choose the size and organization of their icons.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a big screen with one of the highest pixel resolutions available, it's also thin from front to back, giving the user better portability than a tablet. In terms of usability, it offers great visibility and ample room for digital play. Extremely similar to its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has a new dimpled back with a matte finish that disguises fingerprints and a slightly different home button. The device has been improved inside, as well, running faster than ever with its quad-core processor. New features include a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate monitor.

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