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NIKWAX manufactures high quality cleaning and waterproofing products. NIKWAX prolongs the life and enhances the performance of clothing, footwear, and equipment. Whether you work or spend your leisure time outside, NIKWAX keeps you dry.

With regular wear, your wet weather clothing will begin to soak up water and no longer do its job of keeping you dry in the rain. So, to stay warm and protected outdoors it's important your jacket remains waterproof. Nikwax Tech Wash is the Number 1 high performance cleaner for waterproof clothing and equipment. It revitalises water-repellency and breathability, protecting you from the elements, whatever the weather! Play their game quiz until you win a free sample of NIKWAX Tech Wash.

Dirt, sweat and regular household detergents attract water, masking water-repellency. Regular cleaning with Tech Wash will keep the water-repellency working and clothes in tip top condition. Most items will only need fully re-waterproofing with Nikwax TX.Direct about every four washes.

Answer 5 easy questions to get your free 100ml sachet of Tech Wash. You have to answer all questions correctly. You can start over if you miss one until you get them all right. You can win a sample every 3 months.

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