Animal Specialty Group Emergency Magnet


For more than 20 years, Animal Specialty Group has been the animal hospital of choice for dogs, cats, veterinarians and pet owners throughout Southern California, because they know that they are simply the very best at what they do. In fact, they've had specialty cases referred to them from well beyond Los Angeles County, including San Bernadino, Ventura, Orange, San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, as well as from almost every other state across the country. Not to mention their prestigious 24-hour Animal Emergency and Critical Care facility has seen patients from all over the entire state of California and beyond.

Every day their board-certified specialists, leading veterinarians, advanced technicians and compassionate staff work together, applying their knowledge, experience, skills and love of animals to the care of seriously ill and injured pets – from wherever they may come.

If your pet is injured, time is of the essence! You don't want to spend time aimlessly searching online, or worse yet, thumbing through the phone book to get help. Their refrigerator magnet keeps their emergency number close at hand, where help is just seconds away. Request a free Animal Specialty Group Emergency Magnet today.

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