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NIKWAX manufactures high quality cleaning and waterproofing products. NIKWAX prolongs the life and enhances the performance of clothing, footwear, and equipment. Whether you work or spend your leisure time outside, NIKWAX keeps you dry.

Play their game quiz until you win a free sample of NIKWAX Polar Proof. This product adds durable water repellency to fleece, helping your items maintain their breathability and insulating properties when wet. It also reduces weight gain; in fact, a wet fleece treated with Polar Proof will be 50% lighter than an untreated fleece.

NIKWAX Polar Proof is the high performance waterproofing solution for fleece that:

- Adds durable water repellency to any fleece garment
- Is easy to use in a washing machine at home
- Maintains breathability by allowing moisture vapour to pass through it
- Protects insulation to keep you warm
- Reduces weight gain
- Inhibits pilling to help extend the life of your fleece
- Is safe, waterbased, fluorocarbon (PFC) free and non-flammable

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