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$50 off $100 at Tommy Bahama

Almost every fashion success story begins with a muse. This person embodies the style and attitude that the brand represents, guiding decisions about what they make, how it's made, how the products are advertised, and even which philanthropic choices are made. Tommy Bahama may not be a real man, but he embodies the qualities in the man that their designers are dressing. In his spirit, luxury leisure comes to life in a way that's exciting and easy to wear.

The brand began with two staple items that traveled well and would fit perfectly on the laid-back coast. The tropical-printed silk shirts and tailored pants became a hit, as well as an enduring image of the Tommy Bahama look that would resound as the brand expanded to clothing and accessories for both men and women as well as homeware, electronics, furniture and travel accessories. For a young brand, they've quickly become iconic, with Kevin Costner wearing their clothing on camera in 1996's Tin Cup, fans wearing their limited-edition Major League Baseball designs in 2009, and experienced yachtspeople joining their exciting races from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

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