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Gillette Venus Vibrance Razor ENDS JUNE 5

Get goddess-like legs! Get the new battery-powered Gillette Venus Vibrance Razor. It's the first vibrating razor for women that gently exfoliates while you shave leaving you with smoother, more vibrant skin.

- Gently exfoliates to instantly reveal more radiant skin
- shaves you close and gently sweeps away dull, dry skin
- New Moisture Glide Strips for gentle and smooth shave
- 3 Comfort - Coated blades for a close shave
- Get 1 razor, 1 Duracell AAA battery, and 20 refill cartridges

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  • United States


  • By: launiquela

    It's one of those "tricks"

    1) Meet the eligibility requirements, (2) register with us, (3) complete and continue through our survey, (4) agree to register, participate in and satisfy the requirements for 2 sponsor offers as described in the "Gift Rules" that require sampling and purchasing products of interest, and (5) follow redemption instructions as described in the "Gift Rules."


    • By: slaskowski1

      Yes, this is one of the instances where you need to complete offers and things. It is very annoying when people post these on the forum. I come here for actual free things.