Win a $1,500 Target Shopping Spree


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When Target founder George D. Dayton opened his first New York store in 1902, it quickly built a reputation for having dependable merchandise, fair business practices, and generous spirit of giving. Through incarnations of Dayton's, the first air shipment of department store merchandise, and successful partnerships with leading interior and fashion designers, Target stores have remained true to their roots.

With so many options, a Target shopping spree will provide you the freedom of choosing which area of your life you'd like to upgrade. Thrill at your next party with gorgeous new china, entertain your guests with a revolutionary gaming system, or whip up frozen margaritas with a specialty blender. Turn heads with a new wardrobe, spice things up in the bedroom with sexy lingerie, or treat yourself to fabulous shoes to show off at a friend's wedding. iPhones, furniture, outdoor gear and sporting goods are all available at Target. Register at What She Has to Say and complete one short survey for your free chance to win a $1,500 Target shopping spree.

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