My Skoobi Notebooks - Teachers & Fundraisers


My Skoobi (it's "ibooks" backwards, by the way) was started to contribute to the fundraising efforts of their public school. Instead of buying junk food and books of coupons they never redeemed, they thought it would be smarter and more fun to sell something useful that students could help to create, and that would last a long time. Self-published books are wonderful, but knowing how busy everyone is they wanted something faster and easier. And that's how My Skoobi was born.

Did you know that My Skoobi publishes school year day planners? They create a fully-customized day planner for your school, with unique artwork, up to 25 custom dates integrated right into your calendar (for example, pro-D days and holidays), and up to 4 pages of custom content. All at no extra cost.

My Skoobi is happy to send two free notebooks to teachers and those actively involved in fundraisers.


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