Chained Dogs Action Pack for Educators


Right now, countless dogs are chained outside, struggling to survive long days and nights without proper shelter from the elements. Often, these loving animals are also deprived of adequate food, water, and veterinary care and are forced to spend their lives in "solitary confinement," relegated to the backyard without any companionship or exercise.

Raising money for dogs in need has never been easier: TeachKind has a brand-new "Change for Chained Dogs" fundraising pack created especially for teachers to use in their classrooms. Dogs who are chained up outside desperately need durable shelter to keep them dry-and with your help, TeachKind can support PETA's efforts to construct and deliver hundreds of sturdy custom-built doghouses filled with straw bedding to help dogs whose "owners" won't let them live indoors or relinquish them to caring people who will. These doghouses will provide dogs with protection from snow, rain, and harsh winds for years to come-and your students will be proud to know that they were able to help a cold, suffering dog.

When you order a free action pack, you'll receive student-friendly leaflets and stickers to help spread the word, a poster to help you keep track of your fundraising goal, labels to put on donation jars around campus, and all the information that you need to start making change for chained dogs.

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