400 Presidents Helping Children Books


Even while knowing that today's national investments in our children are lagging, we also know that the last 100 years produced vast gains in child well-being. How did it happen? One major force was our national government, led by presidents of both parties, who fought hard for advancements in pre-natal care, child labor, child safety and much more.

Many of these bi-partisan achievements are described in a handsome 14-page Every Child Matters publication that they have used to bring voter attention to children's issues over the last few elections, including distributing copies at the presidential debate and using the booklet's images and themes to make posters, banners, even a video.

Now, with another important election cycle for kids coming up, they're giving away free, thousands of copies of ‘Presidents Helping Children' to child advocates who want to help make new investments in kids a topic of discussion in the 2014 elections. Here's how you can receive hundreds, possibly thousands, of copies for use in your own advocacy efforts:

Fill out the order form telling them, in 100 words or less, how you intend to use your copies during this election year-a mailing, conference, lobbying, civic engagement activities, meeting with candidates, etc., and include your shipping information.
Then tell them how many copies you want-in multiples of 400.
They will make the first box of 400 available to all who request them, while supplies last, and who can put them to good use.
They will make additional boxes available - as supplies allow-to those who show they can put them to best use.

Organization name required.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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