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With so many food options available to kids and families on the go, it's hard to always know what a good choice is. The Munch Code is a color coded labeling program reminding us that foods in the GREEN category are the healthiest and we can "eat a bunch." YELLOW foods may have added sugar, fat or calories and we should be careful to have "just a little." Foods falling into the RED category are on the "not so much" list and should be avoided.

HealthySD is working with concessionaires, youth sports program leaders, coaches, civic volunteers, parks and recreation staff, school officials, and involved parents all over the state to provide tools and information on how to promote and encourage healthy eating in the community.

With childhood obesity on the rise in the nation and state, improving the concession stand environment will make it easier for kids and families to make healthier choices that can ultimately impact their health. Children in the United States are becoming more overweight and obese, putting them at risk for serious health concerns such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and elevated cholesterol and blood pressure levels. With over 30% of South Dakota children overweight or obese, communities must collectively address improving the nutrition environment.

HealthySD has also developed a concessions model policy which outlines a number of resources to help make concession offerings healthier, and includes strategies to encourage community support.

You can sign up to receive a free Munch Code Kit which includes:

Policy Book
Reference Card
Reusable Bag

Upon receipt of your request, a SD Department of Health representative will contact you to discuss a few details about your intended use of the materials and to gather additional contact information for follow-up. If you are eligible for a toolkit, your materials will be delivered within a week.

This offer is only valid for residents of:

  • United States


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