Free Samsung Galaxy S IV Smartphone


While Apple continues to dominate the smartphone market with their iPhone, companies like Samsung have cleverly carved out a niche with larger-screened devices that are somewhere between a phone and a tablet. With the release of the newest generation smartphones from Apple and Samsung, there is no longer a question of whether the technology works; now, sales of these devices more about personal taste and brand perception.

Although the Samsung Galaxy S IV has a big screen with one of the highest pixel resolutions available, it's also thin from front to back, giving the user better portability than a tablet. In terms of usability, it offers great visibility and ample room for digital play. Its bright, vivid colors give the phone a luxury look, along with a faux metal trim. It's also newly supportive of positive lifestyle changes with plenty of dedicated health apps.

While the menu and features of the iPhone are uniform and visibly familiar, making the activities of anyone using it onscreen easily legible by the audience, the Android allows users to set their own homescreen and choose the size and organization of their icons. However, Android users do have the option of using standard options instead of setting their own. Previously only available for Apple devices, both Hulu Plus and Instagram have been released for the Samsung Galaxy S III, satisfying anyone who wants to stream TV shows on the go or share their adventures in sepia tones.

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