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Lars-Eric Lindblad really wanted to be an explorer, and he channeled his passion to the travel business. But organized tourism proved to be a bit tame for his adventurous spirit, so he formed his own organization in 1958, Lindblad Travel. He got around the tameness, would take anyone anywhere, and his itineraries ventured where no tourist had gone before.

A noted environmentalist, Lars-Eric was the first to bring civilians to some of the most exotic parts of the world including Antarctica, Arctic Svalbard, Galápagos, Easter Island, the Amazon, Papua New Guinea, the Seychelles, China, and Bhutan-all with the focus of creating experiences that foster an understanding and appreciation of the most remote and pristine places on the globe. These legendary pioneering adventures led him to be defined as the father of "eco-tourism".

Sven-Olof Lindblad, Lars' son, traveled extensively with his father from an early age, developing his inherent passion to explore the pristine corners of the globe. As a young man, Sven spent six years in East Africa photographing elephants and wildlife and assisting filmmakers on a documentary about the destruction of African rain forests. This time was instrumental in molding a fundamental objective of his work-to find ways for his business to help preserve natural resources and get involved in conservation efforts.

Today with offices in New York City and Seattle, Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic operates its own fleet of five expedition ships and several seasonal charters offering life-changing adventures on all seven continents.

Order free DVDs and brochures at their website. These feature fun destinations like Antarctica, Baja California, Canada, Cuba, Scotland and more!

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