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Calvin Klein Underwear ENDS JUNE 5

Calvin Richard Klein (born November 19, 1942) is a well-known American fashion designer. In 1968, he launched the company that would later become Calvin Klein Inc.

In addition to clothing, Calvin Klein also gave his name to a range of fragrances, including CK One and CK Be (fragrances for both genders), now owned by Coty Inc. Swatch Group manufactures watches and jewelry under the Calvin Klein and Calvin Klein Jeans brands.

But perhaps what Calvin Klein is most known for is the brand of underwear. Visit and participate at Your Top Brands and you can receive brand new boxers, briefs, or other type of CK underwear.

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  • By: seejainrun

    oooo sorry.... still crap though..... i know they make this site free for all of us, but geez..... it didn't used to be like this..... i miss the "old days"


  • By: kris-t

    Old days..... Well, seejainrun I have to say that I agree with you but I can tell bye your 2 posts that you haven't done much to pitch in and do your part.

    Hi everyone. Don't get a chance to log on much anymore but the times that I have I've noticed alot of complainers. Even with all changes this is still the site that I go to.


  • By: tweety101

    Hi Kris-T! Nice to hear a "friendly" word! Seejainrun, they really aren't "traps", they do state you have to "participate". There's still a lot of "freebies" on here, don't give up! :-)


  • By: seejainrun

    Actually, I had about 40 posts the last time I logged on.... I usually don't get a chance to get on here much. I've been freebie hunting for 10 years, I understand they're not "traps" persay, Just that they are not truly "free" because the participation sometimes costs more than the actual product being given away, that's all.


  • By: delaparre

    Actually I've been visiting the freebies sites for years myself and it still remains a pet peeve with me that when something is listed under a "totally free" site that it should be better categorized. Totally free means just that - no survey (time is also a commodity), no qualifying prerequisites, no S&H - you give them your addy and they send you your stuff. Then there's the almost free stuff but you have to pay S&H. Then there's the not-so-free stuff which requires you to jump through hoops to get the freebie (surveys, participation requirements, etc...) Then there are the bait and pay "freebies" "We're sorry, but we have run out of the free merchandise, but you can choose from our catalog..." I think the complaints stem from people having to waste time sorting through the heap to find what they want. If it were all better categorized, it would eliminate 90% of the complaints.